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Translators' testimonials

We pride ourselves on not only giving a great service to our customers, but also to our team of qualified freelancers. Here are some testimonials from them:

It has been my pleasure and honour to work with Linguassist for nearly a decade. As a qualified and experienced interpreter and translator, I can confidently say that Linguassist is one of the most professional and highly reliable interpretation and translation companies in the UK if not the world.

Abdul Nasir

Linguassist is a very professional business and I regularly work for them. I am a serving magistrate and I know the importance of providing qualified interpreters, and this business always makes sure that all their interpreters are qualified and up to a professional standard. I have worked with them continuously for some time now, and it is a great experience. The staff are really fantastic and extremely helpful. The manager makes sure that any difficulties faced by the interpreters are addressed promptly. They anticipate every possible problem and provide constant updates. They know what interpreters need and meet their needs proactively. I consider myself lucky to work with the BEST TRANSLATION COMPANY IN THE UK.

Amina Saif

It has been a great experience for me, both personally and professionally. It is also a pleasure to work with great staff such as Michelle, Dave, and Lisa. Dave is extremely efficient, conscientious and operates in a very professional manner. I found great companionship with fellow interpreters and a great support from Dave. I am very grateful to dave for his continuous support, patience and understanding me. It’s an honour to work with Linguassist which is one of the most reputable agencies. There are many agencies out there, but few of this calibre. It has been the most rewarding agency with which I have worked. Definitely, I would work for Linguassist anytime asked because of the flexibility I was offered.

Demas Eman

I am always happy to work for Linguassist. They treat linguists with respect and appreciate our work. Communication with them is always efficient. They always try to be flexible (where possible) so that we can work for them around other commitments. They offer fair rates of pay and we get paid promptly. It is a professional agency for professional linguists.

Eva Debrowska

I have worked with Linguassist for many years and it has always been a great pleasure. Graham and Michelle have always been very friendly, respectful, fair and professional and I have never had any issues with getting paid. One of my favourite agencies.

Sonja Allen MCIL, Dipl.-Kffr.

I have been working with Linguassist since 2007 and I have found them extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. In fact they are the best agency I have worked with Michelle is an excellent project manager and always very helpful if there is any issue or a query. Both Graham and Michelle have always treated me very kindly. Being translators themselves they understand our position exactly and are able to provide appropriate help. They always pay on time and I definitely recommend working with them.

Mohammad Choudhury - DPSI, NRPSI, CELTA

I started collaborating with Linguassist in December 2010 while I was still operating from France. In 30 years of experience as a translator, I can say that it is very rare to establish such a pleasant professional contact with a translation agency. Everything is dealt with in a very friendly manner and at a high level of linguistic accuracy. I mainly deal with Michelle Edwards whose wit, support and professionalism facilitate the whole translation process. There is always a downside to everything: I wish I had contacted them sooner!

Yann Sebille, BA QTS

I have been a freelance translator now for fifteen years and for the last five have been fortunate enough to work with Linguassist. The relationship with the company has been conducted through Michelle Edwards, who is always a pleasure to work with. I look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Linguassist.

Christopher Urquhart BSc (Eng) C Eng MIET, C Dip AF, AITI

Michelle and Graham are some of my favourite translation agents. We have worked together since 2007. The communication is great, often interspersed with humour, deadlines are reasonable, payments are on time. Can't wait to meet up with them again.

Ralf Klumb - DipTrans, ITI, NWTN

Linguassist are an excellent agency to work with, especially Michelle Edwards, who normally deals with the translators and understand perfectly the stress and difficulties that we face on a daily basis. In Linguassist they understand that we are professionals trying to provide the best service possible under what are often less than perfect conditions. In short, they provide the work, interface with the client and pay on time, Perfect!!! I should know as I have worked with them for the last ten years.

Lourdes Reece - DipTrans, DPSI, IoL

I first worked with Michelle Edwards in her capacity as Project Manager for Linguassist in Llangollen in January 2007. At all times then and since, Michelle has been outstanding for being a lady of the highest professional calibre, with a comfortable approach to even the most complex and frustrating situations. Michelle combines a flair for dealing with people with an equally high ability in juggling work. She knows how to blend courtesy and dignity with efficiency and punctuality. All that - and a WICKED sense of humour, to boot. May her shadow never grow less

Rajesh Narula - BA Modern Lang

I have had the pleasure to work with Linguassist for the past 5 years and I found them extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. Michelle is an excellent project manager and she always helps you if any issues or queries come up. Payment is always on time and I have no hesitation to recommend working with them.

Lidia Carney - DPSI, NRPSI, DipTrans, IOL, APCI

In over ten year of translating and interpreting for various translation agencies, both in the UK and abroad, Linguassist is at the pinnacle of my personal list of top translation agencies. Extremely professional, yet friendly and sincere towards their freelancers, Linguassist is a joy to work for. Over the years I have cooperated with Lingaussist, I have always felt valued, not to mention always being paid on time. Wishing Linguassist continued success

Magdalena Fowler - MA, DPSI, MCIL, RPSI

Through Linguassist Michelle has hired me on several occasions to provide interpretation services. I found her approach to be professional and understanding of the needs of an interpreter in preparing for an assignment by seeking information from the client when requested and generally being responsive to all queries.

Julie Anne Allison - DPSI, NRPSI, IoL

I have been working with Linguassist since 2006 on a variety of projects. It is always a pleasure working with Michelle and Graham. Not only are Linguassist's projects interesting and the deadlines realistic, communication is excellent and payment prompt. Hands down, they are one of my favourite translation agencies to work for!

Lotte Scott - BA, HIVT,

I have been working with Linguassist since 2006 and could not have wished for a better agency to work with. The managers are very professional and friendly. They always treat me with a lot of trust and respect while giving me very reasonable timescales to work to. The jobs Linguassist provides me are interesting and versatile. The managers also seem to have very good relationships with their clients and they truly act as a strong bridge between the clients and linguists. I would certainly be happy to continue working with Linguassist for many more years to come.

Pamela Fan, M.A. in Translation, IoL

I have worked with Graham Paton and Michelle Edwards at Linguassist for many years. They understand what is involved in the translation business as they are translators themselves. This itself gives comfort to the translators and interpreters and brings success to Linguassist as a translation company. Both Graham and Michelle have always treated me very kindly, understood well the circumstances of the job and paid me on time. Any translation job done through Linguassist is a successful translation due to the efficient, professional and 'linguistically' informed management of Graham and Michelle.

Ahmed Al-Hamdi, MCIL, MITI, MSc Trans.

I have been working with Linguassist for the past 10 years or so (primarily with Michelle). Linguassist is one of the most professional and supportive translation/interpreting agencies in the UK. Michelle always tries hard to ascertain clients' exact needs (patiently clarifies with clients several times if I have queries) and endeavours to be as fair and supportive as possible with the linguist. One thing that is very important to me is that Linguassist would always only use professional and qualified linguists. I would have no hesitation in recommending this agency to any potential clients and linguists.

Lulu Langtree - MA, MCIL, MITI, NRPSI, TEFL

I've only been translating for Linguassist for a year and a half but I immediately felt at ease working for the agency. So now, whenever Michelle Edwards emails me with a potential translation I try my best to accommodate because she is a pleasure to deal with: she is fair, understands if I need a little more time and ensures payment is made efficiently and promptly. What more could a freelancer ask for?

Rose Campbell - BA hons, DipTrans, DPSI, CIOL, NRPSI

Linguassist is one of the most professional and personable translation companies that I have worked with in my 10 years as a translator. Both Michelle and Jacquie are highly professional and capable at project managing and supplier care. My invoices are always paid on time if not early. The jobs are interesting and wide-ranging. The rates and deadlines offered demonstrate the company's great respect for and knowledge of the profession. You will enjoy your every interaction with the team and feel supported throughout.


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